Subjects and Themes


I have written books on a number of themes, but these can be reduced to:
a) Male/female relationships, b) Spirituality and c) Family history.

Male/Female relationships

I have written two books about male and female relationships. Drawing from Transactional Analysis and Behaviourism, my writing on this theme is more lighthearted and fun and very much directed at males in order to give them insight and help in living with the females in their lives. Containing lots of humourous anecdotes from real life situations, my writing here aims to give not only insight and understanding, but also practical help, strategies and principles that can be used in everyday relationships.


My spiritual writing falls into three quite different and broad categories:


My most recent spiritual studies are focused on Christianity. Within my Christian writings I focus on what the writers of the Bible documents seem to want to convey to us. Thus I seek to convey the early Apostolic viewpoint. I am not a Christian Liberal and neither am I a modernist who seeks to dismiss certain sections of Biblical writings on the grounds that they are merely ‘writings of their time’ which do not ‘fit in’ with our modern perspective. However, my writings are not hardline Fundamentalist in approach either. I have written my Christian studies because, in my opinion, the mainstream or orthodox view on the particular subject under consideration seemed either inadequate or just plain wrong. So I ended up studying the theme for myself. Some of my Christian books are written at an intermediate level of theological study although they are not ‘academic’ treatises. The rest are written as  introductions, in as plain a language as I can muster, for those who are new to the Christian faith.

Critiques of Christian Fundamentalism

The sometimes dysfunctional nature of some Christian fellowships has lead to this second category of my writings. As members of a fellowship group, we may find that whilst we continue in agreement with the spiritual ideas and practices being advocated by the group, then all may be well, but if we begin to have alternative opinions, or begin to have problems and difficulties with the status quo, then our difficulties may be made worse by Christian leaders, groups or individuals who behave in a dysfunctional way. I firmly believe that each of us have the right to explore spirituality for ourselves and that it is important for each of us to maintain our integrity with regards to what we believe and practice. However, some Christian fellowships, in the name of ‘Truth’, may not allow its members such freedom and instead they may seek to coerce, manipulate, persuade and even threaten members who begin to question the ‘party line’. So this category of spiritual writing is for those who find themselves in this kind of situation – where they are doubting, questioning or uneasy about aspects of the Christian faith but are being put under pressure to conform or remain quiet by their peers and leaders.

Transcendent Experiences

The third category of my spiritual writing is not limited to the confines of orthodox Christian theology, though it does include it. The theme here is ‘Inner spirituality’. Drawing from my own personal transcendent experiences as well as from the writings of respected sages such as Meister Eckhart, Jan van Ruysbroeck, Shankara, Ibn al-Arabi and Rumi, these studies explore inner spiritual experiences and the kind of systematic philosophy that they elicit. These discussions are at a more advanced level of theology and practice and seek to get behind or underneath forms of traditional orthodox religious belief and practice in order to explore the Transcendent Ground of all-that-is. These writings may be of interest to those who are engaged on an inner spiritual quest, or in the study of philosophy; comparative religions or psychology.


Family Tree and ancestry

Finally, and of more narrow interest, I have written a history of Laynton family.

All my books are available on Amazon as paperbacks and all as e-books for the Kindle Reader or Kindle App. Two books are additionally available in Hardback


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