Caught up to God Volume 2

vol 2 front cover

Proof reading is more laborious and time consuming than I expected. Quite a few little things to modify – commas, apostrophes and so on, with just the occasional word change – but I hope to finish proof reading volume 2 around about Easter, when I will make it available on Amazon. In addition, I am writing a new study on living the ‘Christian life’ and I am just writing the chapter on ‘suffering’….. At least I am not bored!!!! More details as the book takes shape.

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Caught up to God Volume 1

vol 1 front coverI have now proof read this volume and it is now available on Amazon as a paperback and also as an e-book for Kindle readers and apps.

Just in the process of proof reading volume 2 – AND – I can’t believe this – I have started yet another study!!!??? More about that later!

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New books for 2018

volume 1 and 2 front covers

Christian experientialism is gaining in popularity – it can be seen in most modern conservative Christian fellowships. Christians want to experience closeness to God and they may calm their minds, and let go of the busyness of day-to-day life in order to allow God to fill them with His Presence. Some may speak in ‘heavenly tongues’, or receive other ‘spiritual gifts’. Others may receive guidance directly from God, or deep insight into spiritual realities, whilst others may be ‘caught up’ to God in Transcendent Bliss in Divine Love.

Pentecostal and Charismatic Christians consider that these spiritual experiences form the essence of New Testament Christian living, and lead to holiness, victory over sin and conformity to God’s will. There is a long tradition of Christian experientialism within Judeo-Christian thought and practice, where Christian Mystics in particular seek to cultivate a sense of the Presence of God, teaching the steps that Christians face on their way to closer fellowship with God. This study explores Christian experientialism from a Biblical perspective over two volumes.

Volume one explores what it means to have an experiential sense of God, and presents an outline of the history of mysticism within the church. Principles of Scripture interpretation are considered, particularly in relation to allegorical and metaphorical interpretations of texts. The nature of spiritual authority is considered, as is the ‘Baptism of the Spirit’, visions, trances, appearances and the ‘opening of the mind’. Finally the theme of ‘spiritual gifts’ is explored together with question of whether God still continues to give them in the present day. Paperback 239pp

The second volume explores concepts of holiness and the stages of spiritual development proposed by Christian mystics as leading to an experience of closer fellowship with God. How Christians know and conform to God’s will is also explored, along with approaches that can be used to distinguish genuine God-given experiences. Christian experiential concepts and practices are then discussed and evaluated in the light of Scripture before some final considerations are given to the experience of spiritual desertion and to psychological factors. Paperback 381pp

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Book – Who is this who is coming?

Kindle Cover

Christianity and Judaism differ in their understanding of the Messiah – the one chosen and set apart by God to be the deliverer of God’s people – yet both of these religious traditions are looking forward to the coming of the Messiah. But who is it that is coming and what will their impact be? Can these divergent viewpoints be reconciled?

This book suggests that there is more commonality between Jewish and Christian perspectives than may appear on the surface. Drawing primarily from the Hebrew Scriptures and the Christian New Testament Scriptures, it traces the unfolding story of God’s plan of redemption, reconciliation and restoration of the world to Himself though His chosen people and their promised Messiah. It is an epic narrative of God’s kingdom usurped and then regained, a story that is both uplifting and full of hope but at the same time sobering and fearful, raising concerns for all of us at this present time.

E-Book version now available on Amazon – Hardback and paperback versions also now available

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Book – Walking in the Spirit

walking in the spirit cover

Now available on Amazon!

Jesus is our Lord, Sovereign and King but what do Christians mean when they declare themselves to be servants of the Lord? What criteria do we use to evaluate the service that Christians render? Exactly what does this Christian obedience entail? What is it that our Lord calls Christians to do? How do Christians actually put what the Lord requires into action? What happens when they fail? What about unbelievers? This book considers our relationship to Jesus as King of kings and Lord of lords together with the obligations that humanity has with Jesus as King. In particular it looks at Christians and their summons from their Lord to obedient service, the reasons for their failures and the approach that the apostle promotes to minimize these shortcomings.

The study draws on the apostle Paul’s letter to the Romans – particularly chapters 6 – 8. ‘Throughout my Christian life I have found Romans chapter 7 in particular to be quite a difficult passage of scripture and one that is often misunderstood and misinterpreted. But it forms a core passage of Scripture when it comes to having a correct response to the gospel and a correct balance in living our day-to-day Christian life of obedient service to our God and King. This book is my attempt to get to grips with exactly what the apostle is saying to us in his letter to the Roman Christians.’

This book will be of interest to Christians who are dedicated to God in their day-to-day life. It will also be of interest to Christian counselors and those involved in pastoral work, since it presents the apostle’s dynamic models of humans as we are by nature – and the person who is born again of the Spirit of God. The understanding these models form an essential foundation for all Christian psychology, counseling and pastoral work.




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God’s Plan for the World

create space and kindle cover

New Book and Kindle e-book available.

Christians hope for a better future – for restoration and renewal. They place their faith in God through Jesus and entrust themselves in obedient service to God believing that God is going to ‘put things right’. Though many agree that the world could be a better place, they dismiss the Christian hope as misguided or childish or both. ‘Where is this better future?’ they say, ‘The world has always been the same and when you get down to basics, people’s lives carry on in the same way that they have always done, and religion causes more problems than it solves.’

So what is the basis of this Christian hope for a better world and what kind of future does the bible say that will it be? Christians talk about heaven, but does heaven exist and if so where is it? God promised a Kingdom – but where is it? Is it merely a mystical place deep ‘within’ each and every one of us or is it a place ‘out there’ – somewhere? Some Christians say that at the culmination of all things they will go to heaven but others seem to think that the Kingdom of God to be on earth. Who, if any, are right? What is the ‘culmination of all things’? And what about Israel? The Jews are supposed to be God’s chosen nation but their recent history does not seem to be very enviable. If the Jews have rejected Jesus as their Messiah, then what does this mean? What about God’s promises to the Jews? Most of them seem to have ended in failure. Has God forgotten them or given up on them? Has God ‘retired’ to some distant corner of the universe and left the world to its own devices?

In this book author Robert Laynton takes an overview of what scripture has to say about God’s Plan of restoration, renewal and reconciliation and in the process considers what it means for each and every one of us – whether we are Christian or not. This is explored as part of the historical narrative of creation itself – humanity’s fall into disobedience, God’s promise of a Deliverer and God’s selection of Israel as His chosen people through whom the rest of the nations would be blessed. This narrative is followed through beyond the time of Jesus, and beyond our present age, in order to consider what we can expect in the future as God’s Plan moves to completion.

Search Amazon for this and other titles!

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Books in 2016!


return of the king coverhow do i put into practice coverwhat do i do coverBlog - Behind the Masks of God Final CoverRevelation e-book cover

2015 was a busy year!

Early in 2015 ‘I have become a Christian: What do I do now?’ was published and this title is available in paperback as well as for Kindle readers and Apps.

Its new companion book for 2016 – ‘I’ve become a Christian: How do I put my Christian life into practice?’  – is now also available in paperback and for Kindle readers and Apps.

A major introduction to the theme of the Millennium reign of Christ – ‘The Return of the King’ is also new for 2016. It is available in paperback, for Kindle Readers and Apps and also in Hardback. It serves as a more weighty companion to my study of the Book of Revelation published early in 2015: ‘Salted with Fire’.

‘Behind the masks of God’, first published in 2013, has been fully revised, slightly extended and has had an index added. It is now available in a second edition, in paperback and also in Hardback as well as being available for Kindle Readers and Apps.

‘Staying on top of your woman – A Man’s guide to dealing with the women in his life’ – first published in 2013 – has also been issued in a second edition in January 2106, which means that it has been extended with more real-life anecdotes and that it has had an index added. It is available in paperback, for Kindle Readers and Apps and also in Hardback.

Please click on the ‘Books’ tab above for more details

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