About Robert Laynton


Robert Laynton has written articles on spirituality for over forty years. In the 1990’s he gained an Honours degree in psychology and subsequently he gained post graduate qualifications in counselling and was for a time a member of the British Psychological Society. He contributed to the Transpersonal Psychology Review Journal and to the magazine ‘De Numine’. His studies draw from personal experience and from different religious and spiritual traditions – but mainly from Christianity; as well as from psychology. He has been influenced by thinkers such as Jonathan Edwards,  Shankara, Ibn Al-Arabi, Meister Eckhart, David Waite, George Kelly, Arthur Deikman, Evelyn Underhill and Karen Armstrong.

One Response to About Robert Laynton

  1. Hello Robert. I hope you are in agreement with this, but you are now on this site http://www.allaboutheaven.org/observations/13002/221/robert-layton-divine-love-in-a-constant-stream-like-a-stream-or-pencil-of-sweet-light-014932. You are under ‘writers other’ as a source. All of this I can change if you object or want more details added. Peace and love x

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